The Importance Of God’s Word

The Importance Of God’s Word

“Unless Your law had been my delight, I would then have perished in my affliction.”             ~ Psalm 119:92……..

We should never lose sight of how important God’s Word is to our daily lives.  In this scripture David said it was God’s Word that kept him from perishing when he was facing affliction.  And if you know anything about David’s life then you know he faced his share of adversity.  But he attributed his victory over all of it to his delight in God’s Word!

How much of a place does God’s Word have in your daily life?  Is it important to you to spend time in His Word everyday or are you trying to live life without it?  Your answer to this question means everything.  God’s Word is more important to your life than anything else you’ll be doing throughout your day.

When the sun beats down on a plant that doesn’t have sufficient water it withers that plant.  But if that plant has sufficient water the sun actually helps it to grow strong.  It’s all about how much water the plant has.  God’s Word is water to our lives.  Whenever adversity beats down upon us, if our roots are deep in the water of the Word we will come out strong.  We’ll be like David, we won’t be defeated in affliction because we delight in God’s Word.

May we never lose sight of the importance of God’s Word in our daily lives!