“But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

1 Corinthians 15:57……..

I learned early in my Christian life that if I was going to walk in victory I would need to do two things: I would need to stay full of the Holy Spirit and I would need to keep my mind renewed with God’s thoughts.

Victory has already been provided for every believer by the Lord Jesus Christ. Each believer can now decide to walk in the victory that has been provided or to remain in a place of defeat or at least partial defeat. The true believer in Jesus is never totally defeated, because no matter what happens to him or her in this life, they are going to heaven.

If we are going to walk in victory we’ll have to keep our minds renewed with God’s Word. We have to think like He thinks. Constant mind renewal is needed for that. We must wash our minds daily with the Word. If we don’t our minds will become conformed to this world and that will mean certain defeat.

We also need to stay full of the Holy Spirit through our prayer life, and through praise, thanksgiving, and worship. When we stay full of the Holy Spirit we stay full of power. We also stay full of inspiration. The Holy Spirit keeps us inspired to do things, to have creative thoughts, to receive divine guidance.

So challenge yourself to live in the victory Christ has provided for us. As you focus on these two things that I learned years ago your life will enter into a new realm. It’s called the victory realm!